Our mission is to establish a dynamic balance in the market that is mutually beneficial for buyers and sellers.


DynamO Pricing is a pricing technology company founded in 2017. The company primarily develops software-driven pricing engines for online ticket sellers and provides pricing consulting and advisory services. The team has over 40 years of pricing experience behind them, the best of which they have built into their proprietary, flexible and versatile pricing software.
DynamO is looking for clients from around the world who want to be at the forefront of data-driven, automated pricing, face pricing challenges or want to achieve their ticketing goals more efficiently and successfully. In addition to the online ticketing marketplace, DynamO Pricing is open to approaching other industry players and building partnerships.
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The idea of founding DynamO Pricing was inspired by the recognition of the rigidity and imbalances in the pricing of ticket markets. In the early years of its operation, the company was run with a research and development focus, with a well-known pricing expert joining the founders at an early stage. It was at this stage that the team developed the principles of the pricing software engine still in use today.
As DynamO Pricing is not involved in ticketing, it has entered into co-operations with ticketing companies. The communication between the pricing engine and the ticketing system allows tickets to be priced in near real time. The company initially had consulting and data analysis projects. The first customer, an improvisation theater in Budapest, started live use of the pricing engine in August 2020.
Since then, DynamO’s pricing system has priced and sold millions of dollars’ worth of tickets to a wide variety of actors. In addition to theater tickets, the company has priced concert tickets, circus tickets, festival tickets and even party tickets. However, the development of pricing engines has never stopped and, in addition to research and development, product development driven by market demand has become equally important.
It is in this spirit that the company has created its Console platform, which allows real-time monitoring of pricing and sales trends. Here, customers not only have access to key statistics, but can also see how demand for their tickets is evolving, how the software calculates ticket prices and configure their own settings.
In addition, the consultancy business has of course been maintained and even expanded, providing analysis of historical transaction data, forecasting, pricing and strategic advice, communication advice and feasibility.
DynamO’s current goal is nothing less than to become the best known and largest pricing technology company in the market.
2017 Q3

The birth of our vision

2018 Q3

Development of initial pricing engine

2019 Q4

Partnership with first ticketing platform

2022 Q2

First customer goes live

2022 Q4

$1M dynamically priced ticket sales

2023 Q1

Expansion into international market

Meet the Team

Bence - CEO
Ference - Software architect
Balazs General counseal
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