Pricing made simple. No hidden fees, no surprises just fair and transparent pricing.

Being a pricing tech company, we recognize that pricing our own solution is a crucial issue, and we strongly believe in transparency, therefore, we do not treat the subject as a taboo.

At DynamO, we have a straightforward commission-based pricing system, and we don't charge any upfront fees, registration fees, setup fees, or recurring fees.

This means that you can try our service without any investment, and you can start generating extra revenue before any costs are incurred, making the return on investment immediate. As a result, there is no financial risk involved in using our service.

DynamO partners with multiple ticket sellers across various markets

we cannot offer a fixed price for our services. Furthermore, the commission rate is influenced by the ticket sales volume of our customers.
It's worth noting that even the most conservative estimates predict an average revenue increase of 8-10% after implementing dynamic pricing, with the potential for even higher returns under better market conditions.

Calculation of the service fee

When determining Dynamo's own service fee, we started with the assumption that in the worst case, about two-thirds of the additional revenue generated for our clients would be realized, meaning a minimum ROI of 175%. In reality, the additional revenue left for our clients typically falls between 75-90%, as the common commission rate ranges from 1.5-2.9%, while the average revenue increase is over 15%. This could potentially represent a 1000% ROI.
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In summary, DynamO's dynamic pricing system and commission structure deliver significant benefits to everyone involved in the ticket sales process, resulting in sustainable revenue growth and high ROI for our customers.
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