Revolutionizing Theatre Ticketing: Dynamic Pricing Takes the Stage

September 22, 2022

Revolutionizing Theatre Ticketing: Dynamic Pricing Takes the Stage

Empowering Cultural Institutions with Real-Time Pricing Strategies.

At the beginning of August, Hungary’s leading stand-up comedy theatre, Dumaszínház, launched a dynamic ticket pricing pilot. Interticket’s ticketing system was combined with DynamO Pricing’s pricing engine to create a simple-to-use, yet highly configurable pricing and sales framework that enables near real-time pricing.

After the feature had been tested, the tickets for more than 60 events that were either just being announced or going on sale had their prices set using DynamO's pricing engine. On August 20, there were major events, as well as smaller-scale ongoing performances at both rural and urban settings.

“Dynamic pricing is expected to provide a data-driven pricing strategy as a secure starting point in a subjective genre. It is the only way to respond to the ongoing challenges that the performing arts have faced over the last two years” says Gergely Litkai, founder of Dumaszínház.

The pilot period at Dumaszínház lasted only until the beginning of September, during which time more than 5,000 dynamically priced tickets were sold. The results were so convincing that the theatre management decided to use this automated solution to advertise all their new events, including the entire autumn/winter season, on a demand basis.

Nevertheless in addition to the comedy genre, DynamO's service is also available to other cultural operators. Dynamic pricing was recently implemented by Müpa Budapest, one of the most well-known cultural brands and most cutting-edge cultural organizations in Hungary.

“The last few challenging years have also fundamentally reshaped consumer habits in the cultural sector, and the global changes ahead are likely to have a major impact on the arts and the functioning of cultural institutions, in which sustainability will play an increasingly important role. So technology is also helping to ensure that the pricing of art content responds in real time to the needs and opportunities of customers” said Gábor Kosztolánczy, Deputy CEO of Müpa Budapest.

First of all, eight performances of Recirquel’s highly successful Solus Amor were advertised with demand-based pricing, as reported by several professional portals, including Papageno and ArtNews. In the future,it is expected that more performances will be priced using the new adaptive solution, and that more and more actors, not only cultural ones, will start using pricing software.

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Effortless Pricing Strategies for Box Office Teams: Spektrix Users Benefit from DynamO Pricing
June 7, 2023

From manual to automated: How theaters and arts organizations are revolutionizing ticket pricing strategies with DynamO's cutting-edge technology

In an exciting development for live event organizers and arts venue leaders, DynamO have integrated with Spektrix to provide their users with a fully automated data-driven pricing tool. Spektrix provides complete ticketing, marketing and fundraising software to over 600 theaters, festivals and arts centers. As the market leader in the UK and Ireland, and the fastest-growing platform in the US and Canada, Spektrix clients processed over $1.26 billion of sales in 2022. This partnership aims to empower Spektrix users with enhanced revenue generation, increased ticket sales, and improved crisis resilience. By leveraging DynamO's innovative pricing technology, box office teams can revolutionize their ticketing strategies and offer fair, ethical pricing that adapts to changing market demands.

Increasing Ticket Sales and Attendance at Larger Venues

One of the key advantages of adopting DynamO Pricing’s integrated, cutting-edge technology is the ability for Spektrix users to generate higher ticketing revenue. Smart and simple pricing tools allow arts organizations to set ticket prices in response to fluctuating demand and market conditions. Ticket prices can be adjusted in real time to reflect market conditions, allowing businesses to maximize profits without jeopardizing customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the integration allows venues to sell out more tickets and fill bigger venues. The flexible pricing tools enable organizers to adjust prices dynamically, ensuring that every seat is occupied. With DynamO Pricing, ticketing and box office teams can unleash the full potential of their venues, transforming their events into unforgettable experiences for a larger audience.

Flexibility and Crisis Resilience

Having a pricing structure that can be adjusted on the fly is essential for event planners in today's volatile environment. With the help of DynamO Pricing, cultural leaders can quickly adjust their ticket prices to reflect the shifting dynamics of the market and maintain resilience in the face of crises and ambiguity. The data-driven pricing strategy allows event organizers to keep their competitive edge and adapt quickly to market changes, regardless of whether demand is rising or falling.

Decreased Time Spent Re-Pricing Manually

Manual price adjustments are a thing of the past. With DynamO Pricing integrated, the time and effort spent on re-pricing events are drastically reduced. The automation provided by DynamO's technology streamlines the process, enabling event organizers to focus on more strategic initiatives, such as marketing and audience engagement. This time-saving feature empowers organizers to allocate their resources efficiently, resulting in improved productivity and increased overall revenue.

Simple Implementation and Top-Notch Support

Spektrix users can easily find out more about DynamO Pricing through the Spektrix Partner Directory. By creating an account on DynamO's user-friendly dashboard, users can seamlessly link their DynamO and Spektrix accounts, granting them instant access to the powerful pricing tools. With just a few simple steps, organizers can launch dynamically priced events, harnessing the full potential of flexible pricing in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, DynamO Pricing prides itself on its commitment to exceptional customer support. Their team of professionals is always ready to assist and guide users through any challenges they may encounter. The dedication to customer satisfaction and reliable assistance sets DynamO apart, establishing them as a trusted partner in the pursuit of maximizing ticketing revenue.


The integration of DynamO Pricing's data-driven flexible pricing tool with Spektrix represents a major leap forward in the ticketing industry. Spektrix users can now unlock a range of benefits, including increased revenue, higher ticket sales, and enhanced crisis resilience. By leveraging the power of DynamO Pricing's innovative technology, box office and ticketing teams can transform their ticketing strategies, optimize pricing, and offer fair and ethical ticket prices. With this partnership, Spektrix and DynamO Pricing are shaping the future of ticketing, providing an invaluable resource for event organizers looking to achieve greater success in an ever-evolving industry.


Want to learn more? Get in touch with us today to explore how we can specifically assist your business. You can reach us through our website's contact forms or simply send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

Introducing Dynamic Pricing: Broadway Ticket Office Takes Ticketing to the Next Level
February 14, 2023

Introducing Dynamic Pricing: Broadway Ticket Office Takes Ticketing to the Next Level

Revolutionizing Event Ticketing: Broadway Ticket Office Embraces Dynamic Pricing for EnhancedEvent Experiences.

Broadway Ticket Office, a leading organizer of diverse cultural events ranging from large-scale concerts featuring renowned artists like Andrea Bocelli, José Carreras, and Queen to intimate gatherings for smaller crowds, is taking ticketing to new heights with the introduction of dynamic pricing. The company is set to revolutionize the event landscape by guaranteeing maximum attendance and profitability for organizers by utilizing its own state-of-the-art ticket distribution system and extensive expertise in online and offline communication. During the upcoming tour of the world-famous magic troupe, the Masters of Illusion, Broadway Ticket Office will test out dynamic pricing, making tickets more or less expensive depending on demand.

Dynamic pricing, a strategic approach to ticket pricing that adjusts prices based on various factors, offers a host of benefits to both event organizers and attendees. By harnessing real-time data and market insights, Broadway Ticket Office aims to optimize ticket prices, taking into account factors such as demand, timing, and seat availability. This innovative pricings trategy allows for greater flexibility and adaptability, ensuring that ticket prices accurately reflect market dynamics, resulting in improved revenue generation and enhanced audience experiences.

The Masters of Illusion tour marks the beginning of a brand-new era in event ticketing, marked by the introduction of dynamic pricing. This renowned magic troupe, known for their mesmerizing performances, will provide the perfect opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of dynamic pricing in capturing the true value of each ticket. As audience demand fluctuates and event dynamics evolve, dynamic pricing will dynamically adjust ticket prices, allowing organizers to strike the ideal balance between maximizing revenue and ensuring accessibility for fans.

The adoption of dynamic pricing by Broadway Ticket Office is indicative of the company's dedication to creativity and the provision of first-rate service to event planners and attendees alike. They wish to revolutionize ticket pricing by using cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights, benefiting all parties involved. Ticket prices that fairly and competitively reflect the unique value of each event can benefit both event organizers and attendees.

As Broadway Ticket Office introduces dynamic pricing into the event landscape, this groundbreaking initiative paves the way for a more dynamic and inclusive ticketing ecosystem. With the Masters of Illusion tour serving as a catalyst for this transformative change, event-goers can look forward to an enhanced ticketing experience, and organizers can benefit from a streamlined approach that aligns pricing with market demand. As Broadway Ticket Office continues to push boundaries and explore innovative solutions, the future of event ticketing promises to be exciting and more rewarding than ever before.

Exploring the Future of Ticketing: Insights from Music Hungary Conference Panel Discussion
January 5, 2023

Exploring the Future of Ticketing: Insights from Music Hungary Conference Panel Discussion

DynamO Pricing, Tixa Hungary, and TicketSwap Delve into Flexible Solutions and Dynamic Pricing.

Panel discussions are invaluable platforms for industry experts to exchange knowledge, insights, and experiences. Recently, at the Music Hungary Conference, DynamO Pricing had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion alongside Tixa Hungary and TicketSwap. The engaging discussion revolved around the latest trends, changes, and flexible responses in the ticketing industry. One focal point of the conversation was the untapped potential of dynamic pricing, examining both success stories and challenges encountered in implementing this innovative approach.

During the panel, representatives from DynamO Pricing, Tixa Hungary, andTicketSwap engaged in a thought-provoking conversation on various aspects of ticketing. With a keen focus on flexible solutions and crisis resilience, the discussion shed light on the importance of adapting to market demands and unforeseen circumstances. Attendees eagerly absorbed insights shared by both international and domestic experts, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls associated with dynamic pricing.

A major topic that surfaced during the discussion was the incorporation of dynamic pricing strategies. Panelists explored how this approach can empowerevent organizers and venue owners to achieve their ticketing goals. By leveraging data-driven tools, such as those provided by DynamO Pricing, ticketing professionals can optimize their revenue generation strategies while simultaneously increasing visitor numbers.

The panel discussion further highlighted the significance of effective communication and collaboration within the industry. Sharing success storiesand lessons learned from around the world, panelists emphasized the importance of fostering an environment where innovation and best practices can be shared among professionals. By drawing on experiences from abroad and domestic markets, event organizers can better navigate the complexities of dynamic pricing implementation, paving the way for more successful outcomes.

Those curious about the potential advantages of dynamic pricing and how DynamO Pricing can help them reach their ticketing goals are encouraged tocheck out their website at You can also email with your questions and the helpful staff at DynamO Pricing will respond promptly with detailed answers and individualized support.

The Music Hungary Conference panel discussion served as a testament to the industry's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. By harnessing flexible solutions and exploring the immense possibilities of dynamic pricing, event organizers and ticketing professionals can shape a prosperous future for the industry. Embracing collaboration, learning from both triumphs and challenges, and leveraging cutting-edge tools like those offered by DynamO Pricing, the ticketing landscape can evolve and thrive, ultimately enhancing the experiences of audiences worldwide.

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